Lauren & James had already gotten married, but they lived in another city than where they were both from due to their careers so none of their family and friends were in attendance. However they still wanted to be able to share their joyous event with their loved ones and held a reception when they were back in town. 
Japanese Influence
Lauren is of Japanese descent and wanted to include cherry blossoms in the invite but hated pink! So we made them purple, which were the colors of the wedding instead (along with black & white).

This was also my first foray into hand-lettering, so the "Lauren & James" on both the front and back of the invites were drawn by me. 
The bride also wanted to print the invites at home, so it was designed with that in mind. It was 3 invites per sheet, with the understanding that it would be cut by-hand – meaning the bleed was different for each invite on the page! You can see how the designed changed based off where it would be cut in the graphic below.
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