Breaking News was a service that, well, broke news. Their premise was that their feed was only facts–no clickbait, no fake news. In their words, "the fastest, most accurate, and most neutral team of breaking news professionals in the world."

I was commissioned in 2016 to create two standalone pages for their site to promote their advertising platform and their downloadable app, and to have the pages be designed in a way that they could use them as templates for future pages they may want to create. I worked directly with the General Manager, the Creative Director, and Lead Designer on this project.The pages were never launched because NBC shut the website down on December 31, 2016–before the pages were fully developed.
Please be aware that these designs still contain watermarks. 
Advertising Platform Page
Breaking News wanted a page to promote their advertising options, touting their readership, access, and more. Previously they had been sending an internal PDF and wanted something more accessible and easier to share across devices. 
App Feature
Breaking News wanted to expand the information on their downloadable app, rather than a small, crammed section on their homepage. I worked with them to expand the page, and add all the information they had with a bit of breathing room. 
Responsive Across All Devices
I worked hard to ensure that the design would translate across all devices, from desktop to mobile and everything in between. 
This project was done as a freelancer for Breaking News, an NBC company.

The team was: 
Cory Bergman, General Manager
Ben Tesch, Creative Director
Martin McClellan, Lead Designer
Michaela McCann, Developer
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